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Mobile eCommerce Solutions

The classified advertisement web page business has enjoyed a substantial increase over the past several years. This has mainly been due to the technological advancement in classified ads software and the PHP classifieds script which make creating attractive, effective, and user-friendly classified websites a breeze. 
The Transforming Market 

The nature of the internet and how one does business online is constantly changing. One of the major transformations which is being witnessed now is the explosion of smart technology which places the World Wide Web at the fingertips of anyone on the go via mobile smartphones and smart tablets. To place the importance of acquiring mobile interface technology into perspective, consider some recent statistics and projections. Over the past year alone, sales of internet accessible mobile devices have increased by 80%. It’s projected that by the start of 2014 a staggering 1.7 billion people will be using such devices. Also by 2015, it is projected that a full one-fourth of all computer sales will be smart tablets. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly essential for anyone running a classified website to apply a corresponding mobile interface to their existing classified ads software program. By ignoring this advancing trend, you could lose large numbers of sales and, in the highly competitive online market which exists today, that can have a devastating impact on your business. By embracing this technology and creating an efficient mobile front end, you take advantage of the spiking trend and tap into its potential. 

Mobile eCommerce Solutions 

When it comes to upgrading your current classified ads website and designing your mobile front end to meet the demands of a growing mobile market, you have to consider some important points. Your PHP classifieds script Pusat Grosir tas di Bandung may provide the tools necessary to build a nice website, but it doesn’t provide what’s needed for mobile device users. Therefore, mobile frontend addons are required which specifically address the set of new requirements demanded by smart technology. Additional needs which are specific to mobile device users are various. For example, to ensure that your mobile customers are not waiting for pages to load, you want to utilize as little bandwidth as possible. Also, many mobile devices do not support JavaScript so use that as sparingly as possible and only in areas which enhance user experience. Other points are that links and buttons should be adequately spaced in order to allow mobile users to make proper selections, fonts and colors should be used for easy mobile viewing, forms should be easy to fill out, and searching and browsing should be made as easy as possible

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